Newsletter 3


This newsletter is a publication of the PIACERE Project. Its goal is to provide information about the project activities and to showcase the project achievements.

The PIACERE project aims to increase the productivity of DevOps teams in the development and operation of IaC through the provisioning of an integrated DevSecOps framework. DevOps teams can program IaC as if they were programming any software application. PIACERE enables the automation of several deployment, configuration and management tasks that otherwise would have to be performed manually by an operator.

The outputs of the PIACERE project, which ends in November 2023, include a whole DevOps toolchain for IaC, from development to operation, with a holistic support to the security aspects.

The PIACERE use cases are finalizing the validation of the tools in their industrial domains:  The Slovenian Ministry of Public Administration by SI-MPA, focusing on the Public Administrations developments which need to externalize the software implementations by providing a solid and detailed understanding of the infrastructure to be used for the deployment as well as address the security requirements .

Critical Maritime Infrastructures by PRODEVELOP, addressing the need of avoiding vendor lock in and flexibility for their clients to be able to deploy their solutions in different providers and support optimized and flexible to demands infrastructure configurations.

Public Safety on IoT in 5G by ERICSSON, addressing portability between CSPs issues, and networking configuration validation.

PIACERE tools are ready to impact a wide range of industrial domains and their needs, come and see the latest insights!



PIACERE Impact Exposure at EclipseCon & RedHat Connect

The month of October was very hectic in regards to the exposure of PIACERE’s results engaging highly impactful communities: Eclipse and Ansible. Anticipating the final release of the PIACERE technology, the feedback of these communities and the engagement with their most active members greatly contributes to the sustainability of the key exploitable results of the project.  

PIACERE ICG also generates Gaia-X Self-Description

With the new releases PIACERE is moving further in the integration with new tools and technologies. A possible integration that PIACERE is exploring is for the ICG (Infrastructure Code Generator) to generate code that is compatible with Gaia-X. For this integration a Self-Description file was added to the ICG output.


During the GA meeting in Valencia, there was a discussion group on the following topics: Panel on DevSecOps applicability, challenges and future directions.

During the session, some experts participated (Ismael Torres (Prodevelop), Juan Carlos Molina (Integranova), Abel Gomez (UOC), Matic (XLAB)) and some topics were analysed.