2021 Newsletter front

PIACERE: DevSecOps for the development, deployment and operation of trustworthiness infrastructure-as-code. The main objective of the PIACERE Project is thus to provide means (tools, methods and techniques) to enable most organizations to fully embrace the Infrastructure-as-Code approach, through the DevSecOps philosophy.

PIACERE will support the different DevSecOps activities. Using a single integrated environment to develop (IDE) infrastructural code will unify the automation of the main DevSecOps activities and will shorten the learning curve for new DevSecOps teams. PIACERE will allow DevSecOps teams to model different infrastructure environments, by means of abstractions, through a novel DevOps Modelling Language (DOML), thus hiding the specificities and technicalities of the current solutions and increasing the productivity of these teams. Moreover, PIACERE will also provide an extensible Infrastructural Code Generator (ICG), translating DOML into source files for different existing IaC tools, to reduce the time needed for creating infrastructural code for complex applications. The provided extensibility mechanisms (DOML-E) shall ensure the sustainability and longevity of the PIACERE approach and tool-suite (new languages and protocols that can appear in the near future).