KER 1: DevOps Language Modelling

DOML improves the ability of (non-)expert DevSecOps teams to model provisioning, deployment and configuration needs in complex contexts by providing a set of abstractions of execution environments and composing them into machine-readable representations. It allows DevSecOps teams to select and combine the abstractions with the purpose of creating a correct infrastructure provisioning, configuration management, deployment and self-healing model.

This KER1 contans information about KR1, KR2, KR3 and KR4

KER 2: Design Time Security

The IaC Scan Runner can check the IaC code for errors and report back to the user with a set of error reports and also recommendations where inefficiencies are in his code. With it PIACERE is addressing the lack of tailored solutions for checking the integrity and applicability of IaC code to be deployed on an infrastructure provided by the verification tools, leading to very limited trust in the automated deployment systems.

This KER2 contains KR5, KR6 and KR7.

KER 3: IaC Execution

PIACERE’s IaC Execution Manager is helping to develop and maintain infrastructure as code for heterogeneous infrastructures and different phases (configure, provision, deploy, orchestrate), supporting multilingualism with one tool. It is a platform to automatically plan, prepare, and provision the infrastructure and plan, prepare, and install the software elements needed for the application to seamlessly run.

This KER3 contains information about KR10.

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KER 4: Implementation Optimisation

The IaC Optimized Platform is able to propose the most optimized deployment configuration of the infrastructural code taking into consideration the constraints predefined. To this end, several deployment configurations will be shown and ranked.

This KER4 contains information about KR9.

KER 5: Canary Environment

PIACERE’s Canary Sandbox allows unit testing of the behaviour of the infrastructural code on an isolated environment, which would enable the simulation of conditions for the production environment and identify some of the most common anti-patterns.

This KER5 contains information about KR8.

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KER 6: Runtime Security

PIACERE at runtime is able to automatically deploy security monitoring agents, integrated into the monitoring mechanisms and notify about security threats according to the policies, defined in the NFRs; allowing for self-learning and self-healing, and tackle unexpected situations that may affect the correct performance of IaC and its underlying environment (i.e. infrastructure failures, deterioration in the response time, etc.).

This KER6 contains information about KR11 and KR12.

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