By Galia Novakova

The PIACERE project was presented at the GECON 2022 conference held in Slovenia,
Izola (13-15 September 2022).
Elisabetta Di Nitto has given a talk titled IaC: SOTA and Practice, Challenges and
Possible Solutions with Model-Driven Engineering. The objective of the talk have been
to introduce IaC as a tool supporting important phases of the DevOps lifecycle and to
highlight the challenges deriving from its adoption. In particular, Elisabetta focused on
the difficulty faced by DevOps teams in mastering multiple different IaC languages to
address different phases of the software provisioning and deployment process. She
has then introduced the PIACERE DOML as a way to overcome these difficulties
having a single modelling language as DOML that allows users to fill the gap between
application design and infrastructure creation.
The talk at GECON 2022 has been followed by the @WEGreen workshop where the
participants discussed about the importance of measuring the environmental net
impact of ICT and of understanding how to reduce this impact.
The PIACERE project is not focusing specifically on these aspects, but having, through
the DOML (DevSecOps Modeling Language), an explicit definition of an application
and its infrastructure could be of help for measuring. Moreover, having the possibility
to perform self-adaptation through the PIACERE runtime, could allow us to limit the
environmental impact of an application. Then, a challenge for future development
beyond the project is to understand how PIACERE can be actually used in the
sustainability context and how it should be extended furtheron.
More info: http://2022.gecon-conference.org/ & SWForum workshop: link