Infrastructural Code Generator (ICG)
Infrastructural Code Generator (ICG)
The Infrastructural Code Generator (ICG) is a microservice application inside the PIACERE framework that generates executable infrastructural code (IaC) in multiple different target languages from models written in DevOps Modelling Language (DOML).

You can generate infrastructural code from models written in DOML

  • Problem:

There are many IaC languages, and it is difficult to know them all.

  • Solution:

The ICG is a code generator, built in the context of PIACERE, which will transform the models into infrastructural code from different IaC languages.

  • Value:

The ICG is versatile covering the more common IaC languages, and is extensible through new templates to support new primitives and new target platforms.

In the following video we present how ICG generates IaC in the PIACERE framework. We present two scenarios: the first one shows the IaC generation process starting from DOML using the IDE tool, the second one focuses on how ICG extracts the information needed from the DOML.