Collaboration between PIACERE project and AIDOaRt project
Collaboration between PIACERE project and AIDOaRt project

PRODEVELOP is participating in a European project called AIDOaRt (, AI-augmented automation supporting modelling, coding, testing, monitoring, and continuous development in Cyber-Physical Systems. AIDOaRt is a 3 years long H2020-ECSEL European project involving 31 organizations, grouped in clusters from 7 different countries focused on Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) which has as its main objectives: 

  • Providing a model-based framework to support the CPS development process by introducing AI-augmented automation. 
  • Enhancing the DevOps toolchain by employing AI and Machine Learning (ML) technique in multiple aspects of the system development process (such as modelling, coding, testing, and monitoring). 
  • Supporting the monitoring of runtime data (such as logs, events, and metrics), software data, and traceability (Observe). Analysing both data of historical and real-time data (Analyse) and the automation of functionality (Automate). 

Within this project, PRODEVELOP plays the role of provider of one of the use cases whose main goal is to take advantage of AI and Machine Learning capabilities for the monitoring of the PRODEVELOP platform. 

PIACERE project having developed a framework that supports the different DevSecOps activities and provides a single IDE to develop infrastructure code, PRODEVELOP decided to start from it for a faster generation and deployment of its IaC to be used in the AIDOaRt project. Therefore, the knowledge acquired throughout the development of the PIACERE project, and all the experience learned about infrastructure as code has been applied to develop the use case of the maritime port monitoring infrastructure, by deploying it through infrastructure as code and by improving the maintenance and management of the resulting system.  

AIDOaRt project benefited from PIACERE project in the development of its activities and contributed to the dissemination of the work carried out in the PIACERE project, by enabling more development teams to be aware of the capabilities of the framework developed, popularising it more quickly.