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Public Safety on IoT in 5G Use Case Specification

Ericsson Telecomunicazioni R&D Department within the PIACERE project is developing a public safety application able to monitor a network of IoT devices in order to protect them against cyber/physical attacks or adverse natural events. The use of open source intelligence (OSINT) techniques will provide the information needed to monitor the evolution of potential threats that affect the network and the IoT devices connected through it.  The Open-source framework IVRE will be used to monitor the network elements and to collect information needed to identify the devices that can be interested by vulnerabilities. In case an attack or a vulnerability is detected, an action to mitigate its effects is started: a rescue team consisting of both human and IoT devices (i.e. drones) is alerted and the proper actions activated to address the threats and implement the relevant countermeasures. 

The specification of the use case is moving forward, identifying a first draft of its architecture (see figure above).

Public Safety on IoT in 5G Architecture





The application is composed of several modules, structured in several nodes that will be defined, implemented, and configured with the support of PIACERE platform tools. As result of a first analysis of the PIACERE outcomes the intention is to use (and validate) most of the developed tools, with the aims to demonstrate the gain in terms of faster and incremental development, while assuring short prototyping, security and scalability. A support from PIACERE platform in the definition, description and implementation of the several interfaces foreseen in the UC is also expected.

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