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PIACERE present at the First SwForum cross-fertilization workshop

On 25th March 2021, Juncal Alonso, from TECNALIA presented the position paper titled: “Programming Trustworthy Infrastructure As Code in a Secure Framework”. 

The paper explains the motivation and challenges of PIACERE and briefly explains the PIACERE DevSecOps framework. During the presentation, Juncal extended this information explaining in detail the different key results of the project. 

The main objective of the PIACERE project is thus to provide means (tools, methods and techniques) to enable most organizations to fully embrace the Infrastructure-as-Code approach, through the DevSecOps philosophy, by making the creation of such infrastructural code more accessible to designers, developers and operators (DevSecOps teams), increasing the quality, security, trustworthiness and evolvability of infrastructural code while ensuring its business continuity by providing self-healing mechanisms in anticipation of failures and violations, allowing it to self-learn from the conditions that triggered such re-adaptations.

The main target users of PIACERE are DevOps teams, in change of the development and operation of IaC.  

The pre-print version of the position paper can be found here (link - . 

The video recording can be found here (link - . The relevant minutes are 26:25 – 53:40 

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