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July 2022


In this month of June we are concluding the second couching programme by the European Commission initiative Horizon Results Booster in collaboration with the META Group. It concluded 6 sessions to define and analyse three Key Exploitable Results across two consecutive coaching seminars.

Rollback to Eclipse IDE

In this post, a rectification is made on the use of Theia + and we return to the point where eclipse IDE + EMF is used for the development of the PIACERE IDE. This is due to the lack of documentation and the constant problems that we have encountered when using Theia and 

DOML development in progress

We are developing the DOML (DevOps Modeling Language) to support end users in modeling an application and its required infrastructure and in generating ready to use Infrastructure as Code from it.


During 2021, 4 General Virtual Assemblies and the first integration workshop were held. Due to COVID-19, the meeting was held online using Teams.

xOpera – the TOSCA orchestrator

The xOpera project (GitHub) provides a set of tools for orchestration and automation of the cloud applications. The xOpera includes opera – a general-purpose OASIS TOSCA orchestrator - with a set of plugins and add-ons.